Who are we?

Our history goes back to 2003 when we started our journey with four wheelers and 4×4 cars off road adventures. The energy and adrenaline that we found during that trip as well as a variety of clients interested in that kind of activity made us believe, that you can combine your passion and your work! We’ve gained a lot of experience over the years and decided to start with our own project, which will allow us to work freely on making your trip perfect! And so, in 2006 Expedition came to life and it’s still in the game to this day.

EXPN - abilities

Over the years, we’ve been working on expanding our offer. At the beginning we were mostly engaged in organizing off road adventures, with time we also implemented company retreats, socializing events and team building activities and later on we introduced business events fitted to our clients’ specific needs such as conferences, galas, and banquets. Now, we provide a complex service that includes stage design and technical/audiovisual setting. We’re staying up to date with modern world, that’s why we can also offer an online event, which makes it possible to strengthen the relationship between your employees, even remotely!

Our mission is equipping our clients with necessary tools to uncover their team’s potential, which will have a positive impact on their self confidence. We choose our team carefully to make sure you feel safe while working on your project no matter the circumstances, no matter the stage of preparation to minimize unnecessary stress, to make you feel like a part of your event not only the supervisor. On the day of the event, our priority is to make the good energy contiguous!

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Nasz zespół to animatorzy, instruktorzy, konferansjerzy, szkoleniowcy, specjaliści od techniki, ratownicy wodni i medyczni.

Marta W.