Organizing a company picnic in the open air is a fantastic, friendly expiernce.

While enjoying the weather and an amazing atmosphere it's easier to make your employees happier and more relaxed. It's also a great opportunity to bond the team and their families. Our wide offer allows us to provide company's picnic with lots of attractions and everyone will find something fitting for themselves. During the event you can fell the adrenaline rush during quad biking, feel the team spirited completion during mini golf, and other team sports. For the extreme sports lovers we have the unique climbing wall.

We also know how to take care of those, who like to feel more "picnic-ish" atmosphere. During the event we provide the best care and attractions for the youth. Such as: artistic corners, team activities - that lets the parents to relax and not worry about their children who will have fun with the other kids.

But what would a picnic be without the delicious food? We all know that meal prepared in the open air tastes differently. Gathering around the bonfire is a great way of getting rid of hunger and having a perfect time.

Here are some photos from our events

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